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Meet Courtney

Owner & Creative Director of Elate Creative Co.

I'm your girl

Your secret weapon for showcasing your business and connecting with your audience in a way that positions you as the leader in your field!

My experience leading and developing marketing strategies for large groups of companies over the last 8 years has expanded my portfolio in a wide range of industries and has given me the confidence to know that I am at my best when I am creating and collaborating with other passionate business owners.




I give you the goods to be able to take what we've created together and grow forward with confidence! You'll have everything you need to authentically connect with your audience and inspire aligned action.


While I can be described as being over-the-top on "occasion", I provide you and your business with simple solutions and easy-to-implement tools + strategies that will elevate your business to new heights.


I really love what I do, and it brings me so much joy to be able to share it. I confidently approach each opportunity with positivity, excitement and an eagerness to help you reach your potential through purposeful communication strategies and stunning visuals.


As a mom to a very spunky toddler, playing is a big part of my everyday life. It's a way to step back, slow down and connect, but it's also a way to learn. In my business and with my clients, playing around with new ideas and having fun while doing it is exactly what you can expect when we work together.


Think our values align? 




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